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Severity Inc. specializes in casino marketing, operations, business transformation, and managed services, for tribal casinos.  Severity's founder & CEO, Fred A. Buro, is a former Tribal Casino CEO & CMO - he managed five tribal casinos in the Northern US.  He studied and appreciates tribal traditions and values.  He communicates strategies and changes within the casinos directly with tribal elders; revered, respected, and important members of the tribal community.  He understands tribal government, tribal politics, and elections.  He keeps tribal preference top of mind as he expands roles and advances the casino enterprise.  He cross trains tribal staffers, and grows careers, and takes direction from the tribal board of directors.  Buro prospers as a CEO, and makes significant progress in the casino enterprise while satisfying the agendas of the board.  Ultimately, revenue and profitability grow.   

Fred has also held CEO, COO, and CMO positions for non-tribal US casinos in major markets including Atlantic City, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, three cities in Nevada including Las Vegas, and more. He is a "hands-on experienced casino operator". He has Class 2 and Class 3 expertise including 543 & 542 regulations and compliance and online gaming expertise. Fred built and launched an online casino and online player's club, and has raised funding in private equity and public markets. Fred has personally developed a variety of training and development programs, and through Severity; offers a variety of excellent gaming products, services, programs, and working structures. 

Your immediate needs for a specific project, product, or service, can be quickly met by Severity's highly specialized experts who can deploy successful programs ranging from marketing to operations.  Severity's CEO will customize a program for you based upon your needs. Also, by engaging our managed services , Severity can be any key department for you - all day every day, in a very cost effective way.
For example: Marketing - no matter what structure you choose, by engaging Severity on a specific project basis or, long term basis, you will benefit from deeply experienced casino marketing experts, marketing programs, and proven strategies, every day, but at a fraction of what it would cost you in overhead. Direct mail, analysis, strategy development, player’s club, advertising, events, promotions, entertainment, player development and hosts, social media, online gaming,  CRM and SRM, channel & network optimization, can all be handled by Severity. 

Contact us for more information. Everything we do remains strictly confidential.

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