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Severity offers a variety of casino Marketing & Management products, services, and working structures which were developed by casino CEO, COO  and CMO.

Get fast results.  Your immediate needs for a specific product, or service, can be quickly met by highly specialized gaming experts who can develop & deploy programs like the ones listed below.  

Severity's highly specialized experts can customize a program for you.  By engaging our managed services structure, Severity can be any key department for you - all day every day - staffed with a dedicated experienced team, and in a very cost effective way.
Example; Marketing - no matter what structure you choose, by engaging Severity on a specific project basis or, long term basis, you would benefit from deeply experienced casino marketing experts, marketing programs that perform, and proven strategies, every day, for a fraction of what it would cost you to do it in-house. Direct mail, analysis, strategy development, player’s club, advertising, events, promotions, entertainment, player development and hosts, social media, online gaming, and online SRM, channel & network optimization, can all be handled by Severity.  

Contact us for more information.  Everything we do remains strictly confidential.    


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