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What We Do

Severity Inc.

Innovation and transformation.

An alarming number of businesses lose business everyday because they are losing the marketing war. They are losing the marketing war because they listen to the wrong people and fight for new customers in the wrong places with legacy strategies that focus on irrelevant channels and networks.  Businesses needn't spend a lot of money on marketing, but what is spent must finance a winning strategy.

In this new world, change, the need to change fast and frequently, is the new normal for businesses. Unfortunately, legacy systems, processes, and culture, are fierce opponents of change. And, in this new high-tech digital on-line world, change has a very high frequency and is often costly. Change wreaks havoc on enterprise culture, morale and performance.  Ultimately, change has a profound impact on revenue.

As a business leader, intuitively, you know there’s always more, or that;you could be missing something. Your business may have capable employees who work hard at doing things faster, better and cheaper; but, that is running a business.  Severity's mission is to help transform your business.  We spend a lot of time thinking and being creative and innovative - for you. We develop marketing strategies and work with you to transform your business to meet the battle for revenue where the revenue battle is being fought.  We provide strong tools that can help make you a severe competitor, and position you for the long game - tools that also fortify your brand in your market.

Today, businesses are engaged in a vicious short game.  They suffer from more competition, abysmal economic conditions, lackluster revenues, fixed cost structures, old product, and, sometimes, morale issues. 

In the gaming industry, expensive high energy destination gaming resorts are slowly becoming smaller casinos with less product and limited non-gaming offerings. Average customers visit more frequently; but, spend less. Many other businesses are effected in the same way.

Against that backdrop, to all businesses; but, specifically casinos, the inevitability of on-line gaming and on-line commerce, has become a reality and is being fueled by the explosion in social media.  That reality demands a complete rewrite of marketing strategies for most businesses.  Casinos are scrambling to develop different game types to meet the demands of millennials for skill based digital games.  they enjoy living in a virtual world, which is where they socialize, spend money and play competitive games.    

Small businesses must contemplate things like channel and network optimization, purchase funnels, integrating and tracking online revenue drivers, when most do not have a marketing program or marketing budget.  Many simply hire a inexperienced intern as a sales and marketing expert and expect extraordinary results.  

Online marketing, commerce, and social behavior, is undoubtedly reshaping the world, and, it's happening primarily on mobile devices.  Brick and mortar casinos must integrate with mobile online gaming and online player’s clubs, fast.  Those clubs are predominantly social platforms with added value for those who conduct business and socialize online; i.e. millennials . 
Severity’s objective is to provide businesses with specific expertise in every facet of marketing, management, and development because, as things change, and critical needs arise, quick precise action is required.  Therefore, the ability for an enterprise to change quickly is mandatory - and that change is a process, not an event.  That process is called; transformation.  
Our experts are ready to be deployed and apply analytical severity against legacy marketing strategies, and ultimately rewrite your marketing plan.  Our staff can quickly unravel costly program layering and, develop new strategies and a new plan. 

Engage Severity to conduct a forensic marketing and performance audit. It’s fast and cost effective. We will examine all processes and programs that can increase revenue and free cash flow.  And, we’ll build a strategy that balances your product, pricing and your performance, transforms your business and makes you better at marketing your product value, to the people who count.

Consultation is free. 

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